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Though I've only been collecting Original for a short time, I feel that I've been able to acquire some pretty nice pages.  I hope you agree.

A lot of people ask me why collect Original Art?  Well, think about it this way.  The page of art that was published in 250,000+ Comic Books, which were shipped all over the world, you have the original.  All the people that read through that issue and thought the art was amazing, never saw the level of detail in the actual product.  Plus, owning Original Art fills you in on the process of making a Comic Book.  You see notes the penciler made in the side margins for the inker regarding the mood or feel they want to convey in that particular page.  And that's just the beginning...



I appologize for the scans, but believe it or not they're nice scans.  They just don't show up very well on this web space.  I am constantly trying to improve the look of the images, so if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line.